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Photographing A Laysan Albatross – Holiday Greetings

Holiday Greetings From Kauai, Hawaii

Laysan Albatross
Laysan Albatross
ISO1000; f/10; 1/800 Second

Here in Kauai, finding and photographing a Laysan Albatross is relatively easy during the December nesting season. Seemingly unafraid, these birds build ground level nests made of sticks and palm fronds and settle in to wait for their chicks to hatch. These images were captured near our rented condo on the North Shore.

Soaring Beauties

Laysan Albatross
Laysan Albatross in Flight
ISO800; f/8; 1/2500 Second

Layson Albatrosses are a common seabird in Northwest Hawaii and abundant numbers can be seen gliding gracefully over the Pacific waters. Despite their size, these birds are masters of energy efficient flying, otherwise known as dynamic soaring. It was fascinating to watch them take flight on a calm day…. stretching out their 6 ft wings and running along the grass toward the steep cliffs to launch their large bodies into the winds.

NOTE: I had considered not expending the time and effort to haul my dSLR camera and f/2.8 Canon L 300mm telephoto lens from Saugatuck MI to Kauai Hawaii – 4366 miles.  I’m glad I did.

Happy Holidays!